Can You Show Me A Dream?
The Ronnie Lane Story




A Ronnie Lane biography.

Ronnie Lane's life story is totally unique in as much as he was the reluctant Rock Star that left the Faces at the height of their popularity to pursue a dream, that dream was to take his music to the people by way of a travelling circus show. He gave up fame and fortune, five star hotels and limousines to become a travelling musician and a farmer.

'Can You Show Me A Dream?' is a cradle to the grave account of Ronnie's life and career as told by those that were there, these include fellow musicians, friends, managers and of course, family. He was the first Small Face to indulge in drugs and the first Small Faces to find religion; Buddhism and then Meher Baba, he was spiritual and forever the seeker. As a songwriter he was one of this country's finest ever wordsmith's. His lyrics were often personal and were always accompanied by simple riffs and good melodies.

It's a fascinating story that involves lots of humour and lots of heartache as Ronnie fought the crippling disease Multiple Sclerosis for the last twenty years of his life. On reading this book you'll undoubtedly find yourself laughing and crying........Probably at the same time!


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