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Alan Hudson was often compared to the great George Best and not just on the football pitch, they were certainly admirers of each other as well as drinking buddies. Alan was the original ‘Kings Road Kid’ in a time when London was truly the centre of the universe. A midfield maestro who lived life in the fast lane and ‘An Audience With Alan Hudson’ is as much a social document of those heady times as it is about our beautiful game.

It comes courtesy of the very wonderful Griffiths Publishing and the e-book version spent several weeks at number one in the iBook and Kobo sports best sellers. So where’s the Alan Hudson/Steve Marriott connection? They never met but they were cut from the same cloth. Each a master of his own craft, each liked a shandy or two and each of them could rightly be described as rebellious. Perhaps not sucking up to the ‘suits’ held them back to a large degree in their respective careers and that undoubtedly cost them both dearly in their pockets. As a friend of both, I do know though that they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

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