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Somebody I know bumped into Paul Weller in an airport in 2005 and randomly asked him if he'd read the Steve Marriott biography All Too Beautiful yet. "Three times, mate" was the reply. He loved the book that I co-wrote with Paolo and during a meet shortly afterwards in a Soho coffee house asked whether there was a Small Faces songbook on the market. I told him no and he suggested doing one ourselves. Paul selected his favourite 15 numbers and gave his reasons why.

Rather than just produce a book for musicians only it occurred to me that it was a good opportunity to turn it into a classy coffee table publication as well. We added the first ingredient, lots of great pictures, threw it in the mixer with a mini biography of the band, added several interviews and hey presto!.... the finished product was a rather beautiful looking book.

Fast forward ten years, time for a second edition with a complete facelift. We keep the same 15 songs but add lots of new photos (including some previously unpublished ones courtesy of the Ronnie Lane family), a foreword from number one fan Ronnie Wood and a lengthy interview with their 1960s fan club secretary Pauline Corcoran. Not only did she work alongside them in the office, she also travelled to gigs and TV shows with them, often in the same car, and partied through the night in their famous Pimlico house. Nobody was closer to the band than Pauline and that reflects in a wonderful exclusive interview. Whether you play a musical instrument or not this book is a compulsory purchase for anybody interested in the East End of London's own Fab Four. Part proceeds to the TEENAGE CANCER TRUST.     JH.


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